Corporate Social Responsibility

The WEE Care program was developed to include all the activities and communications that involve the well-being of our people and our responsibility towards society. This program runs group-wide (WCDI-ISDI-DSDI) and involves every single person in Wee Comm. It is formulated in a collaborative and inclusive way, taking into consideration not only the ideas and capabilities of each group, but also the areas each person cares about.

The WEE Care program includes our workplace and the society.

For the workplace, it includes all the activities, benefits and options that allow our people to create a better work-life. We improve our workplace with more comfort and creativity, while introducing unique programs. We encourage teamwork and collaboration. We want to enjoy life as well as work. We celebrate our achievements and embrace challenges. We also focus on professional growth by motivating our teams.

For society, it includes all the activities and partnerships we are working on in order to offer back to the communities in which we operate and we live in. Through these activities we try to share what we have and to provide with goods, services or time to those in need. Our people across the group volunteer, collaborate and are involved in social actions, making themselves, and our company proud of their work.

As a company that strives to push the boundaries of real estate, Wee Community Developers Inc. is committed to developing communities and giving back to the Filipino people. Last October 17, we held our #WeeCare: Corporate Social Responsibility initiative at Tahanan Walang Hagdanan. Our team had a chance to tour the facilities and got a preview of their workshop area where they craft materials for their livelihood.

Afterward, everyone gathered as Wee Comm handed over COVID-19 safety kits and distributed meal packs for everyone to enjoy. A heartfelt thank you was also received from Tahanang Walang Hagdanan for Wee Comm's work. The time we spent getting to know various persons with disabilities undoubtedly filled our hearts with a renewed sense of purpose, compassion, and joy.

Thank you to the community of Tahanan Walang Hagdanan for welcoming us! To reach out and support their programs, contact 0917 305 5505 or


Mr. Cesar Wee, Chief Executive Officer of Wee Community Developers, met with ASP National President Mona Magno-Veluz in February 2018 to discuss his aspirations to enrich their company's workforce with neuro-diverse contributors. He has heard about the success of the Autism Works program; and wanted to leverage on the organization's experience across several industries. With support from the highest level, the recruitment process for the perfect candidate to fill an open role began.

Within two months, the job offer was made to JB Tiamson, an articulate Business major from La Salle College Antipolo, with a keen eye for details. He made an impression on his interviewers because he asked the right questions and passed the trade tests with flying colors. He signed on as a full-time employee, assigned to the Finance and Administration Group. With this hire, the doors to the real estate industry opened for Autism Works!

In commemoration of World Autism Acceptance Month, a formal MOU signing happened at the WeeComm headquarters in San Juan, Metro Manila on 6 April 2018, attended by the company's top management. The partnership outlines each party's commitment to providing ample education and support towards the successful assimilation of persons with autism in the company.

The MOU signing was followed by a sensitivity training for the leadership team and the Documentation Department where JB will be assigned. The team gamely wore “ASP green,” cementing our shared advocacy towards genuine autism acceptance, accommodation and appreciation in the workplace.